Fragrance Layering 101 and why you should be doing it

Let's talk about fragrance.  Layering fragrance to be exact.  I like to think of fragrance as part of my morning ritual.  I don't just spritz on perfume and I am good to go.  It is much more deliberate than that.  It all starts with the fragrance of my soap in the bath or shower.  I know you are thinking why in the world would that matter!  Well, if the soap you are using has any type of scent to it chances are it will leave a subtle scent on your skin after you get out of the shower.  If you want to get the most out of your fragrance its best to think about ALL the products that you are using on your body and whether they mingle and enhance each other.  Even hair products that have a strong fragrance can totally throw off your perfume, and not for the better.   

Next you will likely use a lotion or oil for moisture.   Does it enhance your perfume?  Not only does using a lotion or oil moisturize your skin but it also helps your perfume last longer.  If your skin is super dry the fragrance will dissipate quicker.  Using a body oil that has a similar or complementary fragrance to the perfume you will be wearing it has an added benefit of not only making it last longer but it gives it more depth and allows the dry down to be longer.  

Solid perfumes really benefit from layering.  Because they are typically made with essential oils, which dissipate sooner than their synthetic counter parts, it's important to layer to help the longevity and scent throw (this term typically applies when talking about candle scents but I think it applies here).  


A little fragrance 101: (This will help when choosing what fragrances to combine)

The top note is what you smell right away when you spray it [and usually consists of] the sparkling and vivacious fresh notes like citrus  The middle note is the heart of the fragrance and is usually warmer and softer, think florals or herbaceous.  And finally, the bottom note is what develops last and what stays with you for hours—long after the top notes have disappeared.  These are typically notes like vanilla, vetiver, musks, ambers and woody scents.   


Keep it simple.  If your perfume has rose in it for example pick a oil or lotion that contains rose.  This will enhance the rose note in your perfume.  Play around and have fun with it!