Le Serey, the jewelry brand you never knew you needed

What a magical and somewhat stressful time of year.  The one thing I refuse to get stressed out about is gift giving. Gift giving should be joyful, isn't that the whole point? Joy? 

I try to buy all of my gifts from other small businesses as much as I can.  I know the impact it makes and the hard work and love that goes into every piece, which makes the gift even more special. 

I came across this wonderful brand called Le Serey.  This gorgeous jewelry brand is also made in Texas with a lot of heart.  The founder Rebekah handcrafts each piece in studio.  The pieces are 14k Gold Filled, gold bonded and Hypoallergenic. Not to be confused with gold plating, the 14k Gold Filled is a thick layer of 14K solid gold that is permanently bonded to the base, meaning it is not only waterproof and hypoallergenic, but it's the most durable jewelry you can find next to solid gold. You can sleep, shower, swim, and sweat in them and not be worried about ruining them! . You get the look & feel of real solid gold jewelry at a fraction of the price!   This year I bought my daughters, and myself, the Beaded Satellite Chain.

It is so versatile and a perfect piece to layer.  


She has earrings, a charm bar, bracelets, and rings!  Do yourself a favor and check out Le Serey.