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This ultra absorbent body oil is the perfect body oil for any season. It absorbs quickly leaving you with gorgeous glowing skin. Jam packed with nutrients that help nourish and protect the skin against free radicals.

Additional Information

Plant based esstential fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients your skin craves

Put on immediately after shower or bath with damp skin for extra hydration

Use a little extra down the arms and legs as well as collar bone for a glowing effect.

Pair with a small amount the body butter for an extra nighttime boost of moisture 

About your product

Keep dry skin at bay with the body oil.  Not only does it provide skin replenishing nutrients from amazing plant based ingredients it is also anti-inflammatory. 

How to use your product

The possibilities are endless.  You can add a little to your bath for added moisture, add a small amount to the ends of your hair to condition and tame flyaways.  Add a couple drops to your lotion.  

Mix with a small amount of body butter for a intense hydration treatment

Mix a couple drops of body butter with body oil and use where needed.  .  Can be used as an amazing overnight foot treatment.  Just add socks!

The face oil
The face oil

The face oil

The Balm - #absorbskincare#
The Balm - #absorbskincare#

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