Night Solid Perfume

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Night Solid Perfume-absorb skincare


.17 oz/5 ml

A solid perfume housed in a small convenient black glass container that is easy to carry anywhere. The intoxicating smell of smokey, woody vetiver and soft rose has a faint spice and honeyed undertones that is reminiscent of crisp fall nights. . Balsam copaiba brings a delicate resinous aroma to help quiet the mind and soften the edges. Mixed with a smooth, understated lavender absolute and top notes of mouthwatering lime, soft green citrus notes of bitter orange to round the fragrance out and tied all together with the smooth delicate rose-citrus zest of palamarosa.

Base notes:  Vetiver, Balsam Capaiba

Middle notes:  Rose Absolute, Lavender Absolute

Top notes:  Lime, Bitter Orange, Palamorosa

apply to pulse points such as wrists, back of the neck and behind ears.